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The whimsical world created by Max Dana is often defined as baroque-like and floral, with a pre-1930s inspiration as well as urban. Her first character made its appearance in the mid-Eighties, on the walls of Paris/La Défense (France); an observing eye named da-eYe, carefully painted on the lower part of the fresh work done by the graffiti artists of her group.

From an early age, Max Dana had drawn imaginary characters and fashion sketches; she expressed her love for writing by creating a student newspaper, she wrote a play for theatre at 17, and directed her first short-movie at 18. Having a keen interest in journalism and photography, she first considered to work as a photojournalist. During her studies, the arrival of the Internet in the early Nineties made it possible for Max to express her talent for graphic design and writing by creating websites covering various of her favorites topics including videogames, hi-tech, cars, music, vinyl toys, TV Shows, movies, sports, Japan… These sites are still online today.

In 1995, Max Dana had her first virtual exhibition on the Internet and when she finished her studies, she pursued a career in project management and consulting. In 1997, the observing eye from the Eighties made its return but in the virtual world of the Internet, and the Sama characters from the World of Sama created in the mid-90s, appeared during the second virtual exhibition in 1998.

Max Dana left her high position in consulting business to join a more artistic circle. In 2004, da-eYe had its own website and Maxdana.com was launched, followed by the launch of her Blog in 2007, giving the opportunity to early enthusiasts of Max Dana’s work and new comers to fully enjoy the extraordinary creative universe of the World Of Sama. In 2006, a first limited edition of t-shirts and jewelery were produced and sold out in record time!

First a respected consultant and project manager, Max Dana is now a confirmed artist, a writer, a graphic designer, a fashion designer, a painter and a photographer. A multi-talented artist, Max Dana gives free rein to her creativity in a wide range of artistic fields. But Max is also known for her commitments and she uses her network and her art to support causes and bring awareness on critical plights in Sudan, Darfur, Congo, Burma.

In 2008, Max Dana launched the “60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary” Initiative to support the Every Human Has Rights Campaign (The Elders / CIVICUS) on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A year later she created the Sama Gazette, a news website about Art and Organizations.

A philanthropist, Max Dana’s work, personality and true commitments make a coherent whole.


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