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Sama Queen and Twins

Sama Queen and Twins

The World of Sama is a densely populated world, and every creature of this whimsical world lives in the place and era of its choice. Right now, Sama Queen and Twins are living in a retro-era, a mix of Art Deco style with 1950’s geometry. Impressed by the Sama Queen? Don’t be, someday you’ll meet the Great Samother


Izabell@ says:

Does the letter ε have a meaning?

Looks chinese to me….

Ekachit says:

Nice drawing.

What’s the name of the ‘thing’ on the upper left? I’m intrigued…

Hoxor says:

It’s clearly art deco and it’s the most creative era we ever knew. Did Max Dana make other works with this retro-style? Thanks!

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