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Sama Sun and tiny ‘Sama fresco’ on a Moleskine

Sama Sun and tiny ‘Sama fresco’ on a Moleskine

Max Dana draws on a Moleskine. Its small size allows to travel with it and to draw at will. One of this drawing taken from Max Dana’s numerous Moleskine has been published, and it shows a Sama Sun and a tiny ‘Sama fresco’. If you want to know more about this drawing, read the artist’s post about it!

 “I thought it was time to show you a page from one of my Moleskine. Two years ago I told you about the Moleskine I use to bring with me when I’m travelling. I like the quality of the paper, and it’s small enough to fit into a pocket. When I draw on a Moleskine, it’s a totally different kind of inspiration I have. I can be in a plane, in a hotel, in a cafe, waiting for someone or something, or just letting time pass. Each drawing represents a special moment, it only takes a few minutes to draw, it’s like ‘instant drawing’. Over the past year, I received many emails from regular readers of this blog, asking me when I was going to show them some drawings from my so-called Moleskine, quoting me back in 2008 when I wrote in My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus: ‘… But I didn’t spend all days writing, I also drew on my Moleskine, I’ll show you some pages some day’. This day has come, eventually…”

More about the drawings on Moleskine on Max Dana’s Blog:
 Sama Sun and tiny ‘Sama fresco’ drawing from my Moleskine
 My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus


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Sama Sun and tiny ‘Sama fresco’ on a Moleskine

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