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The World of Sama is a rich and strange world. Both observant and guardians of humanity, these beings come from a world we still don’t really know and pertain to a dimension we can’t perceive. They bring force and balance in a delicate context, where humanity is threatened by itself.


Their role is hard to define, they are here and contribute to a certain wellbeing, they try to bring solutions without reaching that point systematically but the impulse thus given makes it possible to others (the Shibi) to invest and take over.


Respectful of humankind and of the environment, their mission is vast even if we don’t know exactly where they come from. Plants or animals, with different shapes; the World Of Sama is singular and is filled up with mysteries.


Their philosophy carries well beyond the binary perception in black and white we, as Humans, have of their world…

The World of Sama

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